Indulge yourself in our sauna and spa area and recharge your battery again! Relax and unwind after a long day. Give yourself a little rest in between

Turkish bath/Steam bath

A pleasant temperature of about 45° C is ideal for the regeneration of your body. The high humidity of about 90% is wonderfully relaxing and gentle to the skin.


In classical sauna - tradition, you can really perspire at a temperature of about 90° C. Our sauna is large enough and can be enjoyed by your whole family at the same time.


End the day relaxing
Come to us and scrape off the day with some relaxation in our wellness area.


The tecaldarium is a hot air bath with dry room climate.The mild temperature usually allows the visitor to stay there longer. The tecaldarium strengthens the immune system without additionally burdening the cardiovascular system


A little luxury for your body with a visit to the solarium for well-being, rest and a healthy appearance. And not to mention that sun and light are the number one source of energy for our body.


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